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Carpet Cleaning

Deep wet carpet cleaning with all the benefits you would expect from a Dry Cleaning System.

Step 1

Power Vacuum to remove dry loose dirt and soils from carpet.

Step 2

Pre-treat stains with our Advanced dry cleaning solutions.

Step 3

Apply a fine mist of  Advanced general cleaning solution to the rest of the carpet.

Step 4

We then proceed to agitate the carpet with a rotary dry cleaning machine. This process then breaks the bond between the dirt and soils in the carpet pile. This is then wicked into the machines pad.

Deep wet cleaning with all the benefits you would expect from a dry cleaning system.

The Texatherm Cleaning System is a patented process combining a unique chemical technology with heat, agitation and reaction between two solutions. The process produces a capillary action which safely deep wet cleans carpets but also delivers all the benefits normally associated with dry cleaning systems.

  • Dry in approximately 1 hour

  • Cleans, disinfects and applies anti-static coating

  • Safe for use on wool carpets

  • Won't stretch, shrink or split seams

  • Low moisture and noise levels

  • Up to 60% reduction in cleaning time

  • Leaves no resoiling sticky residues

  • Environmentally friendly

  • pH neutral carpet on completion

  • With the Texatherm Cleaning System, carpets dry in approximately 1 hour, excellent results on all types of carpets.

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Carpet Cleaning Midand
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